Class of 1950 - 57th Anniversary

April 27: Barbecue - St. George's Episcopal Church  - Page 1

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Louise (Babb) & Jimmy Crawford Don Agnew & Henry Holmes Bobbie (Smith) & Norman Bull Leonard Humphreys & Virginia (Schultz)
 Glenda & John Jones Bill Cochran & Florine JoAnn (Brown) and Jerry Krosp Hiram and Helen Soule
Ralph Phillipy & Carmen Alex and Evelyn (Rush) Leslie Bettie ( Nelson) & Chris Jensen Melba (Cowell) & Tom Moxley
           Nancy, Pat Shirley (Tucker) & Henry Holmes Tillie (Crawford) & Fred Mayse Joanne (Miller) & Nat Thompson
Pollye (Hathcock), Shelley (Wms) Billie Ann (Bell) & Daughter Tom Sams & Mary Margaret and David Bumpus
Bob Drewery & Betty Stanfield Bob Boone & Annette Mackey Pepper & Grandaughter Pat and John Hume
Louise (Powers) Poole,Dan,Linda Barbara (Lee) & Earl Joyce (Sides)  & Sue (Lee) Otis Lott & Wilma
Roy Johnson & Joe Black Jerry Stewart Billy Allen & Daughter Billy (Young) & Howard
Henry Waddell Al and Charlene Bartliff Gloria and Jack Hollingsworth Barbara & Phyllis
Georgia (Mason) & Jim Naylor Theresa & Nancy Kathryn (Huckeby) & Ralph  


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