Class of 1950 - 57th Anniversary

April 27: Barbecue - St. George's Episcopal Church  - Page 2

Thanks to Joyce Sides Baker  for these photos.   Click thumbnail photo for an enlargement.  Click BACK button to return to this page.  

Music Off
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Harry & Ann (Moore) Bogard Nancy (Tucker)  -  Don Hild Joyce (Sides) & Winford Baker Joe and Betty Black
In Memory The Andrew Sisters Louise, Faye, and Tillie Joann (Brown) & Dottie 
Alex and Dottie McCollum Gene Weldon Nancy, Don, Theresa, and Ralph Don, Nancy, Kathryn, and Ralph
Don Hild Jerry & Don Faye Snapshots
Tilly & Fred Nancy & Don The Andrew Sisters Faye, Louise, Tilly
Enjoying the show      


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